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Fraud is an ever present threat to businesses that sell their products and services over the internet. Businesses are losing millions each year because of fraud and unfortunately the fraud keeps on rising.

Although fraud can be reduced to zero it would be very expensive for your business both in valuable staff time as well as in costs or simply put it; if you want the fraud to stop completely you should close your business. To avoid having to close your business the correct tactic should be to focus on an acceptable level of fraud with a minimum loss of sales.

Payment Fraud Consultancy was founded in December 2010 as an independent consultancy company to help businesses, globally, to combat fraud. At Payment Fraud Consultancy we believe that there is more to do than only looking at the result from the fraud system in use. Rules and procedures should be up-to-date to meet the new patterns, you should have rules in place to be compliant with the best practice and many more other important items should have your full attention.

In the category links you can find what Payment Fraud Consultancy can do for your business in order to help you to combat your fraud and keep it at acceptable levels.

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